The Joint that Fits – The 2-3/8″ wide Johnny Joint

Currie Johnny Joint in Nissan Axle BracketEver since the solid axle pathfinder got it’s front 3-link solid axle swap, an easy to install rear 5-link (4-link with panhard) long arm rear suspension system has been on my mind. I knew I wanted to use Currie Johnny Joints for the links but there has always been a dilema, the factory link mounts are 2-3/8″ wide and the standard Johnny Joint is 2-5/8″ wide. This immediately meant all new link mounts would have to be made, or the cutting and legthening of an old beat up rear link would have to be done keeping the old rubber bushings while throwing the Johnny Joint Idea out the window, untill now.

Johnny Joint in Nissan Axle BracketCurrie now makes a Johnny Joint that fits the the Nissan WD21 Pathfinder rear suspension brackets. This opens up a large door of opporitunity, no more refabricating all of your link mounts or reusing one end of the factory Nissan link with that old worn out bushing in an effort to get it all to fit together. When you build your next set of suspension links for your Nissan Pathfinder, these Currie Johnny Joints will keep you on the right track. They utlize the same ball as a standard 2.5″ Johnny Joint but are narrower and use a chamfered Johnny Joint housing for the extra clearance needed in the narrower bracket.

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