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I just wanted to take a quick second to let let everyone know that Rugged Rocks is now an ARB Authorized Dealer. You will now find all the ARB Nissan parts available in the online store. (Http:// If you are looking for toyota or jeep parts, those are available as well, just not listed online, please Contact Me for more information on the parts you are looking for.

One ARB Product update that pre-’97 Nissan owners should know about is that the 3-piece RD78A Air Locker for the 31-Spline H233B Rear Axle has been replaced by the stronger 2-piece design  RD136.

ARB has lots of exciting new Nissan products coming out this coming year and I look forward to do business with you. To get the latest updates on new products, including those from ARB, sign up for the Rugged Rocks Newsletter


3 Replies to “ARB Authorized Dealer – Rugged Rocks Off Road”

  1. I purchased a ARB frig. freezer a couple years ago. It has been a great unit, but now the temperature is stuck on -16 F.. I have reset the temperature, but no matter what I set it stays on -16 F. The green constantely stays green. Any suggestions.

    Ron von Kaenel

  2. I just called ARB for you. and they said to have you call them directly and talk to mitch in the tech department.
    Their number is: 866-293-9078

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