23 Replies to “Nissan Xterra, Frontier ’05+ Rear C200K Ring and Pinion Gears”

  1. would be pretty awesome theres alot of people such as my self with a c200/r180 with bigger tires that would love some gear options

  2. Would love this aswell as your other gear options would help tons for Larger tires sizes!

  3. This is something that I am currently seeking for my personal vehicle.
    Front and rear for the 4WD S model, also a non-air rear locker

  4. Would love to see gear options become availible to the C200. A locker would be great as well.

  5. YES YES AND DOUBLE YES!!! I want to run bigger tires and not have that much strain on my engine… therefore gears would make sense to me. But also i would want to get new hardened spider gears for the front differential. who knows, that may just solve all of our blown differential problems.

  6. Yes,
    Something, anything would be better than what I have now. A 3.73 or 4.10 would be great. Also a rear locker!!

  7. YES! We soo desperatly need help in this area. These of course would need to be paired with the front diff, but if this and an air locker were available for the C200 I would pull the trigger immediatly.

  8. DEFINITELY! Besides the locker, new gears would open a huge door for us C200 guys. I would drop the $$$ right now if I could get a set of 4.88’s for the C200 and for the M205.

  9. I’d love to say yes for today, but I’m 1-2 years away from 35’s and more lift. This would be awesome to have as an option.

  10. I am down for some new gears I am running 305/70/16 and dropping some $$$$ for gears will work for me.

  11. Yes! Yes! Yes! Make these gears! There are lots of people waiting to drop lots of cash on these, so make them!!!!!

  12. Definitely interested! I would love a set of gears for my c200k.

    Any chance you guys would consider producing an LSD or locker for the c200k as well?
    I’d be first in line to by both gears and the LSD/locker.

  13. please let me know what needs to happen to make this work i have a 05 nissan frontier nissmo 4.0 auto 4×4

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