Nissan ’96 – ’04 LockRight Locker and H233B Gear Update

Over the last few days i’ve gotten a few e-mails regarding a couple products that have been in the works, so i figured i’d blast out a blog really quick to update everyone.

Nissan Pathfidner, Xterra, Frontier 33-spline H233B Lock Right Locker
The big thing that we’ve seen a ton of feedback on is the 33-spline H233B lockright locker. due to the fact that multiple people started calling Richmond, Richmond has now bumped up the project to next in line and we should be seeing prototypes done in the next 4 – 5 weeks. Then we’ll be testing them in a small hand full of trucks before the final production run is made. we’re looking at having these lockers be a reality and on the shelf in about 3 months time. for the original blog post on this, visit:Nissan Pathfidner, Xterra, Frontier Lock Right Locker
Nissan Xterra, Pathfinder, Frontier Hardbody H233B 5.38 Gears
After months of waiting I finally got minimum order requirements for making these gears and they ended up being higher priced than expected putting them at about a $400 price range. However, I did spend some extensive time on the phone with Nissan Motorsports and we ended up finding 2 more gear sets in the system that were used in OEM application overseas that are most likely deeper than the 5.14 ratio that we already have available. We won’t know the ratio untill they come in from japan and we count the teeth. We should have a sample of each gear set in about 4 – 5 weeks so keep your fingers crossed.

Although it isn’t the cheaper gearing option that we were hoping, it is hopfully a deeper gearing option that the Nissan 4×4 community could really use.

Also along the lines of gearing, I got in contact with a company today that has connections in Australia that may have more cost effective gearing options than OEM Nissan gears as well as a possible source for H260 axle parts.. this is the big 3rd member type axle that is put under some Nissan Patrols Overseas. having a source for H260 3rd members could be a door opening in the direction of a H260 fabricated housings which would be a beefy option for hardcore wheelers that want to keep it Nissan.

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  1. I should have the prototypes in early 2010. and the production ones on the shelf shortly after.
    Thats all for now but i’ll be sending out a newsletter and blog updates as more news develops.

  2. Hey Guys, I,ve got a 2002 X with 4.9 ratio open and would like to get a lockright or simular unit and up grade to disk brakes if possible. Any help in these areas would be appreciated. Thanks, Glen.

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