Doug Thorley Headers & Currie’s New Nissan Titan Rear Axles

Doug Thorley 3.3L Xterra / Frontier Headers
Getting these new headers made by Doug Thorley has been a long process that took much longer than we anticipated. From the first prototype, to ordering the materials, bending the tubes, having small parts machined, welding, and ceramic coating, all mixed in with Doug Thorley’s other large projects, we finally got them done and the pre-orders have shipped. Being that the headers just arrived a few days ago, we haven’t squeezed a 3.3L Super Charged truck into Doug Thorley’s busy R&D department for test fitting quite yet but we’re working on getting this done as soon as possible. We know there are tons of you guys asking about these for your super charged trucks and I want to get you guys taken care of as well. For those that are interested in a set of headers right now, we do have them on the shelf ready to ship and can be ordered here: Nissan 3.3L Headers by Doug Thorley I thank you all for your patience while we pulled this project together.

-Steven Lutz

Currie F9 & Dana 60 Nissan Titan Rear Axles
It’s becoming more and more common for us to see the blown up factory Nissan Titan Dana 44 rear differentials. Luckily Currie Enterprises has noticed the need for a much stronger bolt in axle option. The only parts needed from your stock axle are the brakes. The new Titan rear axles are available with a Dana 60 or F9 differential. The Dana 60 uses 3″ axle tubes while the F9 uses 3.5″ Axle tubes. Both axles use 35-spline axle shafts while having various locker and gearing options available. This is a brand new product from Currie and they are looking for someone in Southern California interested in the F9 axle at a discounted rate for using their Nissan Titan truck in a photo shoot which will be published in an off-road magazine.

For more information contact Chris Nissley at Currie Enterprises by dialing 714-528-6957

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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for some info on upgrading my 2002 X. I’m planning to put a 2.8 VM motori crd out of a jeep liberty with a manual tranny and will need some more front spring at least. I’m wondering about Titan parts swapping? Any help or reference material will be appreciated. Thanks, Glen

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