4.63 H233B Standard and Reverse cut Gears now available!

The time has come! Aftermarket H233B Differential Ring and Pinion Gears are now becoming available! the first ratio is available which is a 4.63 at a price of 329.99 which is a good bit cheaper than the near $500 OEM sets!! For the patrols out there that running high pinion 3rd members, I’ve got Reverse cut gears available. Other ratios should follow but I don’t have a time line. I’ll have final pricing on bearing / install kits in the next few days as well. From what I understand the kits are already together, we just need to crunch the numbers.
Feel free to respond to this e-mail with any questions you may have or feel free to purchase the gears online here: ruggedrocksoffroad.com/advanced_search_result.php?search_in_description=1&keywords=4.63+H233B+

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