2 Replies to “Nissan Xterra,Pathfinder,Frontier Limited Slip Differential by Precision Gear!”

  1. Hi there
    My name is Mike Swann and I own a traction control company Nizani Automotive In South Africa that specialises in all forms of traction control. I currently represent Aussie Locker, Auburn Gear, Midwest Truck and Auto just to name a few of my suppliers.
    Years ago I used to buy L/s’s from Precision Gear/Reider Racing but I believe they went out of business.
    If they are back in business and you are one of their dealers please advise on the price/availability of a Power Brute to fit
    Nissan Frontier V6 4 x 4 front diff R 200 diff.
    Pls also advise USPS Priority Mail freight costs to S.A.

    Many thanks

    Mike Swann
    Nizani Automotive cc

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