Which trucks have the H233B axle?

All H233B Axles aren’t the same, they do come in a few different widths but the main difference in the differential itself, is the spline count and diameter of the axle shafts. The H233B comes in both 1.26″ / 31 Spline and 3.31″ / 33-spline versions. however the gear sets and 3rd member housings are interchangeable.

Here is a little bit better breakdown of the H233B and which trucks it came in:

Pathfinder / Terrano: Late 80’s to 1995 – 1.26″/31-spline

Pathfinder: 1996 to 2004 – 1.31″/33-spline

Hardbody Pickup V6/4×4: Late 80’s to 1997 – 1.26″/31-spline

Frontier V6/4×4: 1998 to 2004 – 1.31″/33-spline

Xterra: 2000 to 2004 – 1.31″ / 33-spline

Patrol: Late 80’s to Present – Front 1.26/31-spline & Rear 1.31 /33-spline

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  1. The older H233B pinion has different spline count than the newer H233B pinions. I tried to interchange my ’95 D21U pinion gear into an older 3rd member, and the spline counts were different. Also, not sure if the 3rd member housings have the same bolt pattern too.

  2. Stan, Thank you for bringing this up.
    In ’90 there was a change from the H233 to the H233B dfferential. older versions had a solid pinion spacer, smaller ring gear bolts, and a different smaller pinion spline count.

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