Nissan Pathfinder / Hardbody Solid Axle Swap Headers, 3.0 V6

Solid axle swaps have become more and more popular over the last handful of years, and in these cases, exhaust routing modifications become necessary. However, because of the solid axle swap, it’s a bit of a bummer when you buy a new set of Doug Thorley headers with a Y-pipe that you’ll either throw away or heavily modify. Well, now you can save a few bucks and get just what you need. Doug Thorley has introduced a new Nissan part number to their product line up, the THY-464-3. These are the same great performing headers as the 464-2 but packaged without the Y-pipe and includes the proper flanges to build your new Y-Pipe off of while eliminating wasted materials and keeping a few extra bucks in your pocket.
to order visit: Nissan Pathfinder / Hardbody SAS headers or call: 909-547-4651