GoneMoab 2017 – The Premiere Nissan 4×4 Event

Another year of GoneMoab (Gathering of Nissan Enthusiasts) has come and gone. 2017 was one for the books which I’m sure will bring many people back in 2018, along with their friends, for 5 days of 4 wheeling on the rock of Moab, UT.

This event has grown over the years from just a few friends to now well over 200 Nissan enthusiasts. Even though the event has grown it still has that big family and friends feel, many of which have met through online Nissan message boards and Facebook groups. Moab is where many of them meet face to face for the first time during GoneMoab. You can also show up not knowing anyone and leave with having met a whole new group of friends. The kind of friends that joke, laugh, go 4 wheeling, are tech savvy and willing to lend a hand if needed. It’s never a dull moment around this crowd. It’s not just about the trails, but also about the people, the evening dinners / BBQs, and of course raffle night.

During this event every year, there are tons of pictures and video taken which get posted on the goneMoab facebook group located here:
GoneMoab Facebook

If you would like to join us in 2018, and wish to get notified when registration for the 2018 event opens, visit: http://gonemoab.com