3.73, 4.10 and 4.56 Titan Swap Gear Packages are good in Stock!

If you have oversized tires on your tuck, chances are you've noticed the loss of power that came right along with them. The best way to combat that lost power and to bring back some MPG's is to regear your differentials. 
Because the most common gear package that is needed are for those that have swapped in an M205 front differential and are running the stock M226 in the rear, I've tried to make ordering as easy as possible. 
At the link below you'll see that you can select the year of your front and rear differentials to configure the package to fit your needs. These options will include or exclude any new yokes that you may need.
As a rule of thumb, most people are running 35" tires on their 2005+ Xterra / Frontier with 
4.10 gears. This will give you lots of torque for on and off the trail. If your main concern is pure gas mileagle, then a 3.73 gear setup may be in your best interest. on the other side of the scale, if your vehicle is strictly off road and you want maximum low end torque, then you'll want to go with the 4.56 gears. 
You can order online here: Nissan Titan Swap Gear package

For more information on picking your gear ratio for both 2005+ (2nd gen) Xterras / Frontier as well as older Nissan 4×4's, please see the regear chart here:
Nissan Regear Chart & Calculator

I thank you all for your business since 2006 and I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving this week!

Steven Lutz
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