Flying off the shelf! Battery Terminal Blocks


Battery terminal blocks have been a HUGE hit! 

Many customers have purchased multiple sets for dual battery setups as well as for multiple vehicles!
If you are one of those customers, please take a moment to write a review the the following URL, it would be much appreciated. Please share how they have help you and why you like them.

Otherwise if you have a lot of accessories wired to your battery in a messy fashion, you can get your battery terminal distribution blocks at the link below to place your order now. Make sure to add the riser if your vehicle has a bulky fuse block integrated into the factory wiring.
This is a simple, cost effective solution to a messy wiring problem that many automotive enthusiasts have.

Although Rugged Rocks primarily focuses on Nissans, these battery termianl blocks are a universal product that fits many other vehicle makes.

Thank you,
-Steven Lutz