Nissan Atlas Transfercase Adapter

 Putting an Atlas transfercase into your truck, will transform it’s abilities on the trail. The deeper gear ratio will give you more control over the vehicle and multiply the torque to climb just about any obstacle.

In the past, adapters were readily available but have fallen to the wayside due to lack of demand… maybe they were just ahead of their time for the newer Nissans?
I’ve been getting quite a few people reaching out over e-mail as well as the phone asking about this lately, and I’m working on bringing it back.

For 88-2004 Nissan Owners:
I have enough parts to do just one more adapter for the 88-2004 Nissan Pathfinder/Hardbody & Xterra/Frontier. it’s unspoken for. Making more shouldn’t be an issue we just need to see the numbers… orders.. or atleast voices. I need an accurate idea of demand and timeframes for ordering we we can be better prepared. We also can’t over estimate and end up with extra parts on the shelf collecting which hurts the long term likelyhood of furutre nissan products by various people in the industry.

For 2005+ Nissan Frontier / Xterra Owners:
The approach of this adpater is changing compared to what was available before. In the past, a special Atlas Input gear was cut that was used only for the Nissans. It’s was a nice approach but since, the engineering drawings were lost. The lack of demand caused it to be seen as an unwise use of time to go back and redo it. We needed an easier approach. We will likely be taking the same approach as the pre ’04 adapter with a spud shaft and slightly longer adapter plate.

I’ve been in touch with Steve at Advance Adapters to try to push this forward further atleast for some CAD drawings so I can take manufacturing elsewhere if neccessary.

If you are interested in installing an atlas in your Nissan, please do 2 things:
1) Contact me with your name, phone number, vehicle, and realistic timeframe for purchase.
2) Let Steve at Advance Adapters know you’re interested at 800-350-2223 ext 526, he needs to see the demand that I see.

Hopefully we can put these adapters back into constant production if the numbers are there. I can’t do it all alone.

Thank you
-Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks LLC

7 Replies to “Nissan Atlas Transfercase Adapter”

  1. Filling out the comment just so you have me down on the list. 2011 Frontier. You know I’m ready Whenever it’s ready!

  2. This is Boondox and yes I’m interested in the 2005+ tcase adapter. He’ll I even bought a atlas and waited a year for the adapter, never happened so I had to sell the tcase for a lose.

  3. Definitely interested, but its got to be solid. I have a Toyota with Marlin Crawler double transfercase and would live to bring the Xterra to similar capabilities.

  4. Hey
    I have questions on the atlas transfer case mod.
    My vehicle background currently ; 2015 Xterra
    4.56 gears, front and rear air lockers
    Stock engine
    Stock six speed manual and transfer case

    Running on freeway and off road (need to keep it that way)
    Approximately 3,000 at 75 mph
    I would really like crawl gears but still need freeway gears.

    Ideas / opinions?

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