Off Road Trail Communications

Talking about radio is a bit off the beaten path from talking abou tNissan stuff, and I”ll get back to that shortly. But first lets talk about trail communications.
A very common topic of discussion, ever since I started hitting the trail, is trail communications.  Many people have relied on the easiest form of radio communications to get a hold of. For years that solution was a CB radio, in more recent years there has been a shift to handheld FRS radios but most are still left unsatisfied. Oher options include “Race” Business band radios as well as ham radios.

In many cases the disatisfaction isn’t any fault of the radios, but rather improper setup or unrealistic expactations of the user.  I have put together a few very generalized videos of Do’s and Don’t regarding radio setup and comparisons  of various radio types. I have also included a 70+ mile ham radio demo on the 2m band, the most popular choice for trail and emergency comms among ham radio operators.

Each of the 4 videos are posted here:

2m Ham Radio Demo:

Radio Part 1: Antenna Setup Basics… Very Basic.

Radio Part 2: Coax Cable Do’s and Dont’s.

Radio Part 3, Radio Comparisons


I hope you find these videos helpful, I’ll now get back to the Nissan stuff.