Rugged Rocks Develops Three New Gears for Nissan H233B in Collaboration with Revolution Gear & Axle

April 12, 2017

Rugged Rocks Develops Three New Gears for Nissan H233B in Collaboration with Revolution Gear & Axle
Fontana, Calif. – Rugged Rocks is exclusively offering three new gears manufactured by Revolution Gear & Axle for the Nissan H233B rear and H233B reverse fronts axles. Available gears include 5.13, 5.57 and 5.89 – all of which fit front and rear axles.

“Off-roaders have been asking for the 5.57 and 5.89 gears in the aftermarket for quite some time,” said Founder and President of Rugged Rocks Steven Lutz. “Working closely with Revolution Gear & Axle, I was able to develop deeper gears for more low-end torque at a reasonable price point.”

Lutz said although the 5.13 is currently offered in the aftermarket, Revolution Gear and Axle is able to get cost down for consumers.
Nissan H233B Standard Nissan H233B Reverse
The gears fit the following Nissan vehicles and model years:
• Pathfinder Rear: 1990-2004
• Hardbody Pickup Rear: 1990-1997
• Frontier Rear: 1998-2004
• Xterra Rear: 2000-2004
• Y60 & Y61 Patrol Front (reverse rotation) and Rear: 1990-Present

These gears start at $264.95 and can be purchased exclusively through

“The H233B is a very strong axle,” Lutz said. “However, because gears for the axle have been expensive in the past, I’ve seen people go through the trouble of changing out the whole axle to a weaker model just to have access to less expensive aftermarket parts.”

Off-road drivers now have access to OEM gear alternatives without needing to swap out axles and sacrifice strength in order to use more affordable gear options.
Rugged Rocks, LLC was established in 2006 by Steven Lutz. More information about the products available can be viewed at

Which trucks have the H233B axle?

All H233B Axles aren’t the same, they do come in a few different widths but the main difference in the differential itself, is the spline count and diameter of the axle shafts. The H233B comes in both 1.26″ / 31 Spline and 3.31″ / 33-spline versions. however the gear sets and 3rd member housings are interchangeable.

Here is a little bit better breakdown of the H233B and which trucks it came in:

Pathfinder / Terrano: Late 80’s to 1995 – 1.26″/31-spline

Pathfinder: 1996 to 2004 – 1.31″/33-spline

Hardbody Pickup V6/4×4: Late 80’s to 1997 – 1.26″/31-spline

Frontier V6/4×4: 1998 to 2004 – 1.31″/33-spline

Xterra: 2000 to 2004 – 1.31″ / 33-spline

Patrol: Late 80’s to Present – Front 1.26/31-spline & Rear 1.31 /33-spline

If you have additional information on these applications, please contact us.

Nissan pathfinder solid Axle swap

Over the last few months we’ve been slowly making progress on the solid Axle Nissan pathfinder project which is now using a h233b diamond axle fabricated housing and Dana 60 steering. The Suspension is just about done and this thing should be on the trail again in the next few weeks! Check out for info on the solid axle swap pathfinder project in the forum at HTTP://!