Trail-Gear – 4&#34 Springs – Rear

Trail-Gear leaf springs are flexible on the trail yet hold their lift year after year. Springs are pre-cycled and lot tested to maintain quality. Nylon pads between the leafs reduce noise and allow springs to flex more easily. Raised clamp assemblies prevent binding of the leaves within the pack. Dual-pass shot-peened to relieve material stress. Our rear springs feature a full military wrap on the front and the 1/4 wrap on the rear. Spring rate is 235 lbs per inch. Leaf pack is 7 leaves plus a special torque leaf to reduce axle wrap. Springs are 56 5/8&#34 long as measured along the top leaf. Pin to center of front mount is 27 1/2&#34, pin to center of rear mount is 29 5/8&#34. New poly bushings are included with springs. These springs are longer than stock and will require hanger relocation.

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