2022 Nissan Frontier Off Road Upgrades

The 2022 Nissan Frontier Off Road Parts Journey Begins

With the 2022 Nissan Frontier starting to hit the lots of dealerships across the country, there are a lof of questions regarding upgradeability. If you are lookingot build a new, 3rd generation 2022 Nissan Frontier, I’m happy to say that you will definitely want to keep an eye on the Rugged Rocks website for parts that are starting to come down the pipe. Rugged Rocks has been a significant player in the Nissan off road space since 2006. If you have never heard of Rugged Rocks, ask around.. you’ll likely be very surprised.

Nissan Truck Platform Breif History

A few fun facts: The platform code is called the D41US, Similar to how the D21 trucks of the early 90’s progressed into the D22, the D40 truck has progressed to the D41US. This is an american only truck whereas the D23 platform was the next step from the D22 sereis which was only released outside of north america, a few years ago.

Transform your 2022 Nissan Frontier Off Road Capabilities

Make no mistake, there are some similarities between the platforms, but with some key notable upgrades to the D41 compared to the D40. These differences are key to understanding what will be required for the big key upgrades to really make these trucks perform in the dirt and on the trail. At first look, upgrades seem simple but as you look deeper you  start to see a twist to many things. I can’t divulge too much information here, but you can expect Rugged Rocks to be a big player with offering many key off road upgrades to this new 3rd generation Frontier.

Cutting to the chase: https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/2022-nissan-frontier-offroad-4×4-parts-d41US.html

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The saga continues with the 2022 Nissan Frontier.
Stay tuned and I’ll see you on the trail!
-Steven Lutz

Gauging Interest for Nissan Frontier 4-Leaf Mini-Pack / Add-a-Leafs

Nissan Xterra add-a-leaf mini pack (4-leaf)

Just a few months ago, We released the 4-Leaf Add-a-leaf packs for the 2005+ Nissan Xterra. These add-a-leaf packs are a great alternative to other add-a-leafs on the market due to using more material. It’s simply a longer lasting solution with 4 leafs and gives 2.5″ of lift height. It’s also much more cost effective than complete new leaf packs.

Since the release for the Xterras, we have gotten a handful of enquiries asking about a similar solution for the 2005+ Frontiers (D40). These enquiries have come in all forms of social media and has not been easy to keep track of. If you are interested in knowing the progress of this product and want to get notified when they are released, please submit your e-mail address in the form below (don’t forget to click the link in the verification email). I should also mention that those that submit their e-mail below will also get notified about introductory pricing which should be about $240 for the pair. The price will then go up to about $280.
The future of this product will be based upon the number of people we have sign up over the next few weeks, and everyone that submits their e-mail will be notified of what we decide to do.  If we decide to move forward then it will be about another 8 – 10 weeks for production.

Please share this post with your friends to help bring a new suspension solution to frontier owners.

**Make sure to click the link in the verification email. Sometime the verification e-mail can end up in your junk folder. Whitelisting rugged rocks in your e-mail client is a god way to ensure you receive these updates.**

Upcoming Nissan 4×4 Events and New Products

Recently I had a flashback to the beginnings of Rugged Rocks. I was out on the trail at least 2 weekends a month. Dropping in on club trail runs, organizing my own runs, matching faces with phone voices & forum screen-names. Overall I was just having a good time in the outdoors meeting new people.

When the company started in 2006 and I had no idea where this venture of Rugged Rocks would take me, and, oddly enough, my goal wasn’t ever to be in the spotlight. I just wanted to help the Nissan parts niche market along, build some new stuff and enjoy life a bit. Fast forward 10 years later to 2016 and a lot has happened, including working with many product manufactures to bring new products to Nissan 4×4 Owners. Rugged Rocks has grown a lot, but it’s not a huge empire. It’s still a one-man band and I want to thank everyone for their business over the years, for your help spreading the word about Rugged Rocks and in even posting Rugged Rocks banners in your forum signatures. (Banners are here: https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/link_us.php)

However, after a recent conversation with another industry expert, I realized how easy it is to forget that most of us who work in this industry got here because of genuine personal interest in wheeling! Sometimes we just need a reminder of our purpose by getting back out there, hitting the trail and exploring something new. With that said, I’ve been needing to get outside and have been itching to hit the trail more! Although Nissan Events are fun, what I miss most are the small groups of last minute local trail runs, meeting up with local members of So Cal Club Xterra as well as a few others, and doing adopt a trail work in the local forest. So keep your eyes peeled on the message boards and on these e-mails for Nissan 4×4 Events announcements and updates!

In the mean time, mark your calendars for October 13th – 16th. We’e going to have a camping get-together in Johnson Valley, CA to do some wheeling there as well as into Big Bear, CA. In the evenings we’re planning on having a large group campfire, telling stories and just having a good ol’ time. There is also a Facebook event page at: https://www.facebook.com/events/229940037377921/

There will be more information available as we get closer.

Also, as usual there are new products being released for Nissan 4×4’s and the latest one is listed below.
They are the new Nissan Titan Upper Control Arms by SPC which also are suitable for doing a “Titan-Swap” on an Xterra or Frontier (2005+) which gives a wider track width and more suspension travel in the front of the vehicle.
For more Titan-Swap info, please feel free to contact Rugged Rocks by replying to this e-mail or calling 909-547-4651.

Thanks again for all of your business and support and I hope to see you on the trail.


 SPC-25660_b  Nissan Armada Balljoint Upper Control Arm by SPC  Nissan Armada Balljoint Upper Control Arm by SPC  $579.95 Buy Now
 SPC-25660_a  Nissan Titan Balljoint Upper Control Arms by SPC  Nissan Titan Balljoint Upper Control Arms by SPC  $579.95 Buy Now