Nissan Doug Thorley Headers Now Available!

The pandemic has definitely impacted production in many ways this year, but All Nissan Truck & SUV headers are currently available!
I’m not sure how long we’ll have them, so get them while you can.

Buy now here:


RR high output alternator order period is ending

Just a quick reminder that I have opened up ordering on high output alternators and the order peiod ends this friday.  All orders will be submitted to the Manufacture where there will be about a 3 – 4 week turn around time.
There won’t be any cancellations or refunds allowed once the order period closes and the batch order is placed with the manufacture.

The listing of available alternators is here:
High Output Alternators

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Thank you, Steven Lutz

Alternator Group Buy Update! Includes 3.0L and 3.3L V6!

I have just a few quick updates
 In addition to the 4.0 and 5.6L Titan, Xterra and Frontier alternators, this group buy includes options for the 3.0 and 3.3L V6 Nissan Pathfinders, Xterras, Hardbodies and Frontiers which wasn't properly linked to in the previous e-mail. 

The listing of ALL available Alternaors is here:

Also, I have Opened ordering a day early to start today and will run through next weekend ending in 10 days. 

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Thank you,