Wheeling into 2011 with Rugged Rocks

Happy New Year from Rugged Rocks! We’re kicking off 2011 after a move to South Lake Tahoe, CA over the holidays! After getting a few feet of snow we’re still getting settled in and back into our regular routine of doing business. Due to the recent storms, we’ve had a delay in getting consistent phone and internet services up and running, but it’s expected that we’ll have the issues worked out in the next week or so. Besides the issues with utilities, we’re really looking forward to a killer 2011 being that we’ve got great new products coming right around the corner. We’re now just a stones throw away from some of the greatest wheeling in the country which includes but isn’t limited to the famous Rubicon Trail. Not only does this give us a place to play, but a great area to test new products.

Speaking of testing products, we’re looking to putting together a small team of people we’ll be referring to as the ‘Rugged Rocks Rough Riders’ Continue reading “Wheeling into 2011 with Rugged Rocks”