Nissan Titan Front (M205) Differential Gears?!?

We were all under the impression that the M205 Gears were going to be part of the next shipment into Superior Axle & Gear’s warehouse. Unfortunately the crates of gears showed up but without the Titan gears on board. Neither us here at Rugged Rocks or the guys at Superior are very happy about this additional delay. We realize the demand for these gears and we’re doing what we can to get these gears in our hands as soon as possible. Rather than wait for the next crate shipment to come in, Superior is having M205 gears shipped via air to get these in and start shipping as soon as possible. Right now there isn’t an ETA, but those that have already ordered and those that are on the contact list here at Rugged Rocks will be notified immediately following the gears arrival. If you would like to be added to this list, please e-mail

New Products Update – 3.3L Headers, Chromoly Axle Shafts, TX-10 Doubler

Doug Thorley 3.3L Xterra / Frontier Headers
It’s been a few months since we rolled the first Xterra into Doug Thorley for building the prototype headers. Now the first batch of headers are now getting ceramic coated. They should be back early next week and all pre-orders will be shipped shortly after. There are only a few more sets of headers still available from this first run, so if you’re looking to immediately replace your old under performing factory manifolds you can place your order here: Nissan 3.3L Xterra / Frontier Headers

We haven’t forgotten about the Super Charged 3.3 and we’ll be doing test fitting very soon.

31-Spline H233B Chromoly Axle Shafts
It’s no secret that deep crawler gears and oversize tires lead to more stress on your vehicles drive train. With the growing number of deep gearing options available for your Nissan 4×4, the chances of drive train breakage are drastically increasing. Luckily we have chromoly axle shafts on the way for the Nissan Pathfinders and Hardbody’s running the 31-spline H233B rear axle. We should have them in hand ready to ship in about 6 weeks. You can reserve a set by ordering here: Pathfinder / Hardbody Chromoly Axle Shafts
TX-10 Transfer Case Doubler
We’re adding to the lineup of options to get that deep crawl ratio you’re been looking for. It won’t be long before we open up pre-orders for the TX-10 Transfer Case Doubler. We will need 10 pre-orders with a 50% deposit, the other 50% due when the complete doubler adapters are ready to ship. We’re looking at about a $950 price range for the doubler adapter and about 12 weeks time between pre-orders and delivery. We’ll have more details in a few weeks.

Thanks for taking a look at this weeks new product newsletter. I’ll have more info on more products next week.

-Steven Lutz