33 Spline H233B Lock Right – Update

My contact at Richmond gear was out for about 2 months and when he returned I called to get an update on this project. It turns out that this locker was confused with the 05+ Nissan Xterra/Frontier lockers! The good news is that the 05+ trucks have a locker around the corner however the 33-spline lock right isn’t designed yet. We talked about the similarities between the 31-spline H233B and the 33-spline and then i was told that as soon as i get a carrier to them, they will start working on this project.

Being that the 33-spline LSD carriers are more common than the 33-spline open carriers, we also talked about building the lock right for the LSD carrier rather than the open one. I’ll be sending them one of each carrier so they can make the call on what they want to make. The upside to this mix-up is that we may end up getting a lock right that wilk fit the more common, LSD differential reducing the chance of you having to hunt down a proper carrier for the locker.

I’ll be keeping you posted as this project develops.

Nissan Titan M205 Front Differential Ring and Pinion Gears

The M205 Gears are still happening but there was a delay during R&D at the beginning of the year.
When superior got the first sample gear set in, the gear was a bad sample the R&D needed to be done over but with another gear cutter. If the first gear cutter would have made a quality gear set, then we’d have the M205 gears already.

The new gear cutter is rolling on this project.
I also just got pricing in. Rugged Rocks will have them available for $237.95 a set.
Both 4.10’s and 4.56’s will be available.
The estimate right now is about 8 weeks, but there is always a chance of having delays.
All we can do right now is to just be patient.

-Steven Lutz