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Here at Rugged Rocks Off Road and Communications, the 4×4 side of things has grown and we’ve decided to move all communications equipment, including ham radios, to a new site at over the next few weeks you can expect to see constant product additions to the site. We’re expecting to have a total of over 2700 radios products in our online catalog in the near future.


Yaesu FT-250R – Ultra Compact 5-WATT 144 MHz Handheld

Buy Now Compact yet incredibly rugged, the FT-250R 2-meter handheld is derived from our Vertex commercial transceiver line, providing exceptional receiver performance along with clean, clear transmit audio. Built to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, the 16-key FT-250R is constructed inside a die-cast aluminum housing, with a large, high-output speaker delivering 700 mW of Loud Audio for outside field environments. And the illuminated keypad provides easy viewing during nighttime operation. You need a radio that’s as tough as your operating environment; compare the features of the FT-250R to other handhelds, and you’ll see that there is no comparison!

5 Watts Power Output

The FT-250R puts out a maximum of 5 Watts of clean power, with selectable power-saving choices of 2 Watts and ½ Watt also being available with the touch of a front panel key.

Long-life Battery and Desktop Charger

The FT-250R comes complete with a 1400 mAh battery and a desirable desktop charger

Loud Audio

The FT-250R provides 700mW of Loud Audio and is the perfect choice for noisy enviornments.

Power Saving Circuit Design

The FT-250R includes Yaesu’s exclusive power saving circuit design that provides for longer operating time that most other handhelds with comparable batteries. Continue reading “Yaesu FT-250R – Ultra Compact 5-WATT 144 MHz Handheld”

Ham Radio on the Trail

A very common problem on the trail is a malfunctioning or inadequate CB radio. Often times if you have a group of 5 or 6 rigs on a run with you, the last guy can’t hear the first guy, or there are multiple garbled signals on the channel, there are signals that keep popping up from people outside your group and you mistake them for the garbled guy driving right in front of you. Continue reading “Ham Radio on the Trail”