King of the Hammers 2012

KOH 2012 is coming up in Feb, The planning usually starts around this time and I need to know who’s up for volunteering. If we have at least 6 people that are 100% in for volunteering then I’ll contact the proper people to make it happen. Getting 6 people shouldn’t really be a problem being that we have people coming from across the country for the even this year but I’d like to get a general idea of what to expect when we get out there.

In years past, there has been a raffle for the volunteers the night before the race to win awesome stuff and usually no one goes home empty handed. In the years past we’ve also been in small clips of the KOH documentary DVD and besides that it just cool to be part of something so huge. I didn’t volunteer last year but I’m up for it again. You do get closer to the action and are more tuned into whats going on in the race during the event.

If you’re interested or want more info, please visit:,1677.0.html

Thank you,

-Steven Lutz