Grizzly & Spartan Locking Differentials for Nissan Titan, Now Available!

nissan titan locking differential spartanSpartan locker for Nissan Titan rear with 32 spline axles, includes heavy-duty cross pin shaft. The Spartan locker by USA standard gear is a mechanical locker that replaces the spiders in a standard case. The Spartan locker’s design does not use the thrust washers and has a revolutionary spring and pin design that makes installation a snap! The couplers and drivers are made from 9310 steel, for added strength. Each Spartan locker carries a one year warranty against defect.

nissan titan locking differential grizzlyYukon Grizzly locker for Nissan Titan rear with 32 splines. The Yukon Grizzly locker is a mechanical locking differential. It features a forged case and 8620 internals for maximum strength. It’s patented design reduces common locker failures. All units assembled in the USA!
To purchase a Locking differential for your Nissan Titan, Visit: Nissan Titan Locking Differentials

Nissan Titan / Xterra / Frontier 4×4 Differential Gear & Locker Guide

In 2009 the quest for front Nissan Titan ring and pinion gears began. Superior Axle and Gear took on the project after re-gearing the Dana 44 variant rear differential known among the Nissan crowds, as well a corporate Nissan, as the M226. The front differential is known as the M205.  The M226 rear differential has many aftermarket ratios available ranging in ratios from 3.73 to 5.13 however matching front gears for 4×4 Nissan Titans are currently available in only 4.10 and 4.56. Although M226 rear gears seem to fit without issues in all years of the M226, there is one key difference. In mid 2006, the pinion splines which mate to the yoke were changed from 29 spline to using 24 splines. Dana made this same change in the M205 front differential as well. The 4.10 M226 Rear differential gears that are currently offered have a 29 spline pinion while the 4.56 gears have the 24 spline pinion. All M205 4.10 and 4.56 gears have a 29 spline pinion. When re-gearing the differentials in your titan, the spline count of the yoke must match the spline count of the pinion. Because of the various pinion spline counts available in aftermarket gear sets and the different spline counts used in various titan trucks from Nissan, the parts required for re-gearing can be quite confusing but please consult the following information which is believed to be true at the time of writing but may not be 100% accurate. It is advised that you check with your local nissan dealer or physically verify the yokes that you currently have on your truck before ordering new ones if recommended by this guide. Also at the time of writing a 2012 Nissan Titan has not yet been re-geared. For more detailed information or if you have any questions, please contact Rugged Rocks at 909-547-4651 or send an e-mail using the form found here:

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Nissan Titan Front Gears, Installation Kits and Yokes are Now Available

After being held back on shipping Nissan Titan front differential gear install kits due to back ordered parts at Nissan, we’re finally shipping front and rear gears in 4.10 and 4.56 and install kits.

All Front Titan gears by Superior use a 29-spline yoke which is found on 2004 – 2006.5 titan trucks. All Titans made after 2006.5 to present use a 24-spline yoke from the factory which will need to be replaced with a 29 spline yoke which can be purchased from us here: