Preping for GONE! – May 2011

It seems as if the days between now and the first day of GONE in Moab, Utah tick by faster and faster as we get closer and closer to hitting the first trail. I’ve got 3 days left here in Tahoe, then I hit the road and head for so. cal to prep the truck only to continue the trip on to Utah to meet you!

Between May 16th – 31st, the office phone will be shut off, however online orders will still be processed. This is only due to GONE prep and the actual event. Everything should be back to normal operation, starting on June 1st.

While we’re away at GONE, you’re not going to be able to just pick up the phone and give me a ring for parts however, you can still reach me directly by e-mailing or using the contact us page found at

If you’re not joining us at GONE this year then stay tuned on the Rugged Rocks Facebook, Twitter and the Rugged Rocks blog ( for details on whats changing on the Pathfinder just in time for GONE as well as daily trail reports with pictures during the actual GONE event. We’ll also be gathering some video footage, so keep an eye out for that when we get back.

As for the rest of you that are going to GONE, be sure to be at the raffle to win some Rugged Rocks swag and parts! I’m also really looking forward to meeting you, wheeling with you, hearing your wheeling stories and even sharing a few of mine.

See you on the trail.

Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks, LLC

p.s. who’s up for wheeling The Rubicon this summer?



If you haven’t heard about The Marines plans to expand the 29 Palms military base into the Johnson Valley OHV area, home of the King of The Hammers desert race, then you must be living under a rock, or in this case more likely NOT living under a rock. If you have, then you know just how large a battle we have on our hands. There is a very real potential for us to lose one of the greatest, and one of the few remaining open OHV areas in southern California.

Right now what we need are letters. The Marines EIS public comment period is open right now until May 26th, and we need YOU to help us. Thanks to a lot of work from Kurtuleas and a number of other people behind the scenes this is going to require very little work from you. Basically you just need to click the following link and write a letter, or many letters. A number of topics have already been added at the top to help you get the letter writing juices flowing. Select one of them and then add a few of your own words before sending. We encourage you to write letters on any and all of the subjects that you feel strongly about including any that may not already be included in the generator.

If you’re ready to get writing, quit wasting time and go here:

So how do you win? This giveaway is OPEN TO ALL MEMBERS. Also unlike normal, you CAN enter this one more than once! The more letters you send in, the greater your chances!
Click here for more details –