$290 12v fridge freezer – Behind the Scenes

The backstory starts with a flashback. Many of you recieving this e-mail have been customers of mine for many years, possibly even since the beginning in 2006. Not long after that we had a large-ish gathering of Nissans on the Johnson Valley dry lakebed in October 2008. As I write this, many memories are rushing back. Memories of various simple things from the pumpkin that never got carved, and the mistaken weather report that left us shivering in the morning. To the seemingly endless Rattlesnake cyn / Gold Mtn / John Bull run which turned in a full 24-hour ordeal, but not without many lifelong memories to go with it.  Among the chaos of the seemingly endless weekend, was my friend Tim who showed up in an FJ Cruiser that some of you may remember. He successfully lead the trail run that intelligently skipped John Bull and made it back to camp in time for dnner, a large campfire and made many new friends.

Tim is a co-founder of Phalcon Overland which started about 4 years ago. In that time, Phalcon has proven reliability of their products in multiple ways which include having their products built with name brand components such as LG. They are also personally using their own products for their own extended overland adventures. Right now they are moving out a product that seems to be in a very competitive space, their 45L Fridge Freezer, but will be focusing more on unqiue fridge solutions such as the 30L Drawer Fridge Freezer which is attractive for space saving overlanding builds.

For further information or to order now visit Rugged Rocks but for the best deal you can order directly from Phalcon Overland

Introducing Phalcon’s Line of Reliable and Cost-Effective Fridge Freezers for Adventurous Travelers

Introducing Phalcon’s Line of Reliable and Cost-Effective Fridge Freezers for Adventurous Travelers

There’s a thrilling surge in the number of off-roaders, overlanding enthusiasts, and van lifers. If you’re part of this vibrant community, then you’ll understand the importance of ensuring your food and drinks remain fresh as you traverse through rugged terrains and breathtaking landscapes. To enhance your outdoor experience, Rugged Rocks Offroad is thrilled to introduce a lineup of Phalcon Fridge Freezers designed specifically with you in mind.

Phalcon CF45 12V Overland Fridge Freezer

The Phalcon CF45 stands out for its unique blend of efficiency and portability. With the reliability of an LG compressor, it guarantees optimal performance even when you’re miles away from civilization.

Phalcon CF55L Portable Offroad Fridge Freezer

Ideal for those who like to travel light without compromising on freshness. The single-zone temperature control ensures your provisions remain at the desired temperature throughout your journey.

Phalcon Overland CFE60 12V Portable Fridge Freezer

Enjoy extended expeditions with the CFE60’s impeccable storage space and efficient power consumption. Perfect for those longer trips where food variety matters.

Phalcon D30 Drawer Fridge Freezer for Outdoor Adventures

An innovative solution for spatial constraints, the D30 combines the convenience of a drawer system with cooling efficiency. A dream come true for organized travelers.

Phalcon Overland CF75L Dual Zone Fridge Freezer

When versatility meets design, you get the CF75L. Dual-zone temperature controls mean you can have a chilled beverage in one compartment while your steak remains frozen in another.

These Phalcon Fridge Freezers are not just about preserving your food and drinks; they are about enhancing your overall outdoor experience. Their blend of reliability, cost-effectiveness, and design sophistication make them an unbeatable choice for modern adventurers.

Dive deeper into the features of each model and make an informed choice at https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/accessories-fridges-coolers-c-1203_1171.html


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Rugged Rocks and ARB Introduce the New Nissan Frontier Front ARB Air Locker


Rugged Rocks and ARB Introduce the New Nissan Frontier Front ARB Air Locker

Expanding the Off-Road Capabilities for the Nissan 4×4 Community

June 29, 2023

Since its inception in 2006, Rugged Rocks has been a strong force in the Nissan 4×4 market. Founder and Nissan 4×4 expert, who has collaborated with ARB on multiple product releases, is proud to announce the introduction of the 2020 and New Nissan Frontier Front ARB Locker. This announcement is another milestone in the ongoing partnership between Rugged Rocks and ARB, with the latter regularly seeking the former’s expertise for Nissan-related tech inquiries.

The new locker is compatible with the 2020+ Nissan Frontier, including the latest 2023 models. This product represents a significant development as it is specifically designed for the stronger front differential of the recent Frontier models. It aims to significantly improve the off-road capability of these vehicles, marking a new era for Nissan’s 4×4 community.

One of the founder’s most notable contributions to this community was the launch of the M205 locker. With the help of the Nissan 4×4 owner community, the project was fast-tracked, resulting in the availability of the locker within just six months. This accomplishment spurred growth in the Nissan 4×4 community and opened the door to regear and lock Nissan Xterras and Frontiers running in the stronger and longer travel Titan drivetrain & suspension.

The journey to this point hasn’t been without its challenges. Convincing ARB of the demand for specific Nissan 4×4 parts in the United States was a significant hurdle, given the relatively low public presence of Nissan 4×4 owners. Yet, through a collaborative effort with ARB and a passion for serving an underrepresented market, Rugged Rocks has played a vital role in expanding the available part offerings.

The founder of Rugged Rocks reflects on this journey, stating, “Rugged Rocks has been a monumental supporter of Nissan 4×4’s over the last 17 years and I’m always looking for new products to collaborate on. I’m hoping this new frontier breaths new life into the Nissan 4×4 community.”

With the release of the 2020 and New Nissan Frontier Front ARB Locker, Rugged Rocks continues its commitment to the Nissan 4×4 community. While the future collaborations depend on Nissan’s forthcoming trail-friendly offerings and the market response, one thing is certain – Rugged Rocks will continue to serve as an advocate and innovator for Nissan 4×4 owners.

For more information, please visit https://ruggedrocksoffroad.com/2022-nissan-frontier-air-locker-by-arb-front-r180a-369-up.html

About Rugged Rocks

Founded in 2006, Rugged Rocks is a pioneer in the Nissan 4×4 parts industry. Driven by a passion for 4-wheeling and the desire to cater to the underrepresented Nissan 4×4 community, Rugged Rocks has been instrumental in launching several unique parts for Nissan 4×4 owners. Their collaboration with ARB and other manufacturers have resulted in an extensive product line that significantly enhances the off-road capabilities of Nissan vehicles.

Nissan ARB Air Locker
Nissan ARB Air Locker