Gauging Interest for Nissan Frontier 4-Leaf Mini-Pack / Add-a-Leafs

Nissan Xterra add-a-leaf mini pack (4-leaf)

Just a few months ago, We released the 4-Leaf Add-a-leaf packs for the 2005+ Nissan Xterra. These add-a-leaf packs are a great alternative to other add-a-leafs on the market due to using more material. It’s simply a longer lasting solution with 4 leafs and gives 2.5″ of lift height. It’s also much more cost effective than complete new leaf packs.

Since the release for the Xterras, we have gotten a handful of enquiries asking about a similar solution for the 2005+ Frontiers (D40). These enquiries have come in all forms of social media and has not been easy to keep track of. If you are interested in knowing the progress of this product and want to get notified when they are released, please submit your e-mail address in the form below (don’t forget to click the link in the verification email). I should also mention that those that submit their e-mail below will also get notified about introductory pricing which should be about $240 for the pair. The price will then go up to about $280.
The future of this product will be based upon the number of people we have sign up over the next few weeks, and everyone that submits their e-mail will be notified of what we decide to do.  If we decide to move forward then it will be about another 8 – 10 weeks for production.

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**Make sure to click the link in the verification email. Sometime the verification e-mail can end up in your junk folder. Whitelisting rugged rocks in your e-mail client is a god way to ensure you receive these updates.**

Intro Pricing on 2.5″ Lift, 4-Leaf Add-a-Leaf for 2005+ Xterras Through May 30th!

The Rugged Rocks Add-a-Leaf pack is built with 4 leafs for extra support for a long lasting, budget lift solution. Our goal was to make a long lasting add a leaf pack that won’t flatten out or crack.
Discounted introductory pricing through March 30th!
You can order yours now at:

If you have any questions about this product, please feel free to respond to this e-mail.


Lost in the Mountains – Up to $500 Rebate on Lowrance GPS Units

 Going against my better judgement, I’ve confidently trampled off into the forest alone behind the wheel of my 1990 Nissan Pathfinder. Ski season was coming and I wanted to go pick up my season pass.  I had the latest forest service map and I thought I had found a shortcut to the local ski resort.  I unknowingly had it wrong from the first turn off of the highway. I thought I was in location A on the map when I was at location B in reality. After a few miles of driving on the wrong side of the mountain, I arrived at an impassible washout. As I was backing up to turn around, I drove a rear wheel right into a ditch. The differential was on the ground and the wheel was spinning in free air. I was stuck and unable to free myself. My only means of communication was my cell phone which I had to hike about a mile to use to call for help. By the time we recovered my vehicle, the ski resort was closed and I didn’t pick up my season pass that day. Luckily the consequences that day were mild to say the least. Things could have been much worse.

I was about 18 years old and I was unprepared for a situation like this. Little did I know that things had gone wrong far before I had realized. On the paper map, there was a campground symbol covering the intersecting road that i had turned on. I actually needed to turn on the next road a few hundred feet farther. If I had a GPS at the time, I would have quickly noticed my mistake. Instead I had figured out where I had gone wrong once I had gotten home.

Today, GPS enabled devices are much more common. But if you want a device that doesn’t rely on cell service and has a screesize that is viewable while off road while holding up to the elements.. you’ll want to take a look at GPS units by Lowrance. If you’re into boating, this name may sound familiar. Lowrance units have been used in the harsh environments of off road desert racing for many years. With new maps being released with 4 wheeling in mind, these units have had an increase in use for with the weekend wheelers and overlanders.

Through May 31, 2018 Lowrance has a Mail in Rebate on the HDS Series units with a value of up to $500. Details are shown here:







Also, through May 31, 2018, Lowrance has a Mail in Rebate on the Elite Ti Series units with a value of up to $100. Details are here:







I also, have some how to videos on YouTube shown here:

For more information on these GPS Units and map availability, visit or feel free to contact us.