Filling the Gaps – More Inventory

 In a nutshell: Last week, I mentioned simply doing things better. Part of doing things better is kicking orders out the door faster which means relying on less inbetween-people, manual processes and hanving more inventory on hand. In the world of Nissans, it seems that the little things matter a lot right now. As momentum in 2024 continues, I’m starting to get calls for things that just haven’t sold much the last few years, but I am listening. I just got a good batch of titan swap brake lines back in that should hold us over for a while, but it does look like over time we will be inching towards titan swap kits as long as the phone calls and feedback warrant it. This isn’t a part of the market that i’m actively chasing but we have found ourselves with more gaps in the market than we had just a few short years ago, and I’m here to help where I can.

If you need a new set of extended brake lines for your Titan Swaped Xterra  or Frontier, check them out here:

Thank you for your continued business and support, where the more you support me, the more I can support you and your projects.

Better Faster Stronger – Optimizing for a Brighter Future

It’s ironic.
I’ve been a techy my whole life, yet I have found myself with a lot of manual processes. My “simple” business has spawned many inefficiencies, and bits of tech that should be coupled together, just aren’t. Running this business has simply become more complex over the years as well. What worked well many years ago has morphed over time and simply isn’t desireable anymore, by me or my customers. These inefficiencies have caused longer than expected turnaround times for orders getting kicked out the door and therefore has delayed many forward thinking projects for way too long. Simply put, my daily processes absolutely suck, and it delays everything.
These issues are typically most prominent early in the year during busy season. Like right now. The effects are then historically compounded by being away for KoH and also historically getting sick afterwards (Hammer Lung?). It’s time to make fixing this glaring issue a priority and get this reoccurring speedbump of inefficienes out of the way.
At the beginning of the year I mentioned my momentum. Once the speedbump is handled, I’m confident that the momentum will run even stronger into the forseeable future which includes showing up to more events in 2024 while having faster shipping times and spending more of my time developing lots of cool stuff rlated to navigation, tracking, maps etc…
I’m just about caught up on lingering orders (Thank you for your patience, it and your business is much appreciated) a new website, backend software & processes, increased inventory levels and getting help to kick shipping out the door without any delay are all slated for the coming months.

I have a plan, and your continued business is gretly appreciated.
stay tuned.


Over / Under – The Fate of RCV shafts for IFS Nissans

The window is closing. The buzz ran strong and the lists were growing with momentum. Then it stopped. We still don’t have enough demand to bring back the RCV axle shafts for any single Nissan IFS  application.
I feel like I did a pretty good job reaching the nissan market through my e-mails as well as on social media and forums. Apparently it wasn’t enough. I honestly don’t know where else to turn to push this forward further with the exception of asking you, reading this right now, to possibly post in places that I may have missed. maybe you have a local nissan club or trail run coming up.. maybe think about mentioning it. Otherwise this seems to be a dead project. If people continue to come forward, I ‘ll keep the list growing, but I have learned over the years that the longer it takes to get a project off the ground, the less likely they are to followthrough at the same time that the majority is. Overall, it can be tough to get everyone on the same page.

In other news, Camacho Motorsports was back in CA for this year’s King of the Hammers rock race. Showing up more prepared than before, the SAS’d & VK56-Swapped Xterra was running strong. After some suspension tuning the ride smoothed out and everything seemed to be lining up well until a showstopping event. Check their instagram for the full recap:

Thanks for reading, there is more to come, stay tuned.