Nissan Xterra / Frontier Rear (M226) 4140 Chromoly Axle Shafts

rear-chromoly-axle shafts¬†At Rugged Rocks I’m always cook’n up something new. The latest project has come up a few times over the years but lately the requests have increased to a point where I think we might be able to get this done. Nissan Xterra / Frontier chromoly rear axle shafts. Here is the scoop, we need to make a minimum of 50 axle shafts in a batch, and I’m willing to put 10 of those on the shelf. In the end, this means that we need at least 20 people willing to put deposits down for a pair of shafts before putting the order in for manufacturing. Once the order to manufacturing is in, it will take about 4 months to have the shafts made. Once the shafts are here and ready for shipment, the remaining balance on orders with deposits will be due. The cost of each axle shaft will be $278 before any tax and shipping. To gauge demand, and determine if we should move forward with this project, I need to hear back from you if you’re seriously interested in buying a pair of these shafts.If you’re interested, please comment on this blog post in the box below and include the time frame that you would seriously be interested in buying these by mentioning that you’re either immediately interested, would be looking to buy within a year or you’re interested but wouldn’t buy for at least a year. The cut off date for feedback via thee blog regarding these shafts will be November 1st, 2014.
Thank you for your feedback, and please spread the word on this project.
Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks LLC

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