Last Atlas Adapters – 2 Left – 4.0/5.6L Nissan Atlas Adapters

This special project is coming to a close. I’m glad this product, which was ahead of it’s time,  was able to make it’s long awaited come back to take many Nissan 4×4 builds to the next level. However, as we all know, the nissan 4×4 niche is only so big. Based on the demand of these adapters, even after many years, has been slow and is unlikely to make another come back.
There are ony two 2004+ 4.0/5.6L kits on the shelf ready to go, with the ability to build 3 additional. 1990+ 3.0/3.3L kits can be assembled in higher qualities, however, when those are gone.. they will be gone as well. 

Nissan Atlas Transfer Case Adapter by Rugged Rocks, 3.0L / 3.3L V6, 4x4, 1986-2004

Nissan Atlas Transfer Case Adapter by Rugged Rocks

This adapter allows the replacement of the stock transfercase with a deeper geared aftermaarket option.


I hope those of you that were pushing for these to be made have been recieving these project updates this year, and will be able to get one before they are gone. If you know someone who is interested, please forward this e-mail to them so they can respond to me directly via e-mail, the website contact form, or by phone at 909-547-4651.

I enjoy special projects like this from time to time. If you see a need for niche product in the off road space.. let me know, maybe I’ll make it happen.

Thank you,
-Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks



Heady duty motor mounts for 3.3L Xterra / Frontier – ETA Nov. 10th

  Shipping fresh off the laser and out of powdercoat by Nov 10th!
A fresh batch of motor mounts for the 3.3L V6 Xterra and Frontier (Gen1) are in the works, order yours now before this batch is sold out!
Get them here:

If you have any technical questions regarding your nissn 4×4 that are just too involved for an e-mail, you can now schedule a call with me here:


Battery Terminal Upgrade for your Project Vehicle

Rugged Rocks battery terminals for aftermarket vehicle electronics

Battery Terminals are an essential piece of the electrical system in any vehicle.. without them, our vehicles simply wouldn’t go anywhere. Off the lot, I’m sure the factory battery terminals work just fine, however, many automotive enthusiasts add stuff. Lots of it. It all takes power and all needs to connect back to the battery somehow.  In the off road world, Jeeps, trucks and other 4×4’s make use of high amperage draw device such as light bars, more light bars, small light bars, large light bars, and winches.  I joke about the light bars… kind of. Then there are other electronics that need a direct connection back to the battery for the cleanest power and promote proper function. These are things like 2-way radios, intercom systems and navigation devices…. sensitive electronics.
But this isn’t limited to off road, often car stereo installers need connection points for high power stereos as well as custom vehicle with wiring harnesses build from scratch.
In all of these cases, you need a better battery terminal that can accomodate multiple large gauge wire connections as well as not leaving out the smaller stuff. meanwhile, keeping a small, clean, and compact form factor. This is when you bridge over from a regular battery terminal with a single connection and into the world of a battery terminal distribution blocks. The battery terminal blocks avaiable from Rugged Rocks have 3 larger connection points for your high amperage connections for items like starters, winches and high power lights. The side of these battery blocks have a smaller side post as well, this is convenient for the lower power electronics mentioned earlier such lower amperage draw sensitive electronics such as radios, intercoms, etc..
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