180 Amp & 270 Amp Nissan High Output Alternators at Rugged Rocks Off Road

When any of us start to build our off road vehicles, it doesn’t take long before we start adding demanding electronics like winches, lights, communications equipment, freezer fridges and much more.

Because of all of these electronics, I started working with DC Power engineering in 2015 to offer a 180 Amp high output alternators. This alternator offers 130 Amp output at idle and 180 Amp max output at around 3,000 RPMs. The voltage output is also perfect for quickly charging AGM batteries such as the ones by Odyssey.

For some people 180 Amps, just isn’t enough. The bigger and more powerful version of these alternators is now available from Rugged Rocks which puts out 270 Amps Max within the normal RPM driving range, and 200 Amps at idle!

I personally run a 180 Amp alternator in the Rugged Rocks Pathfinder and couldn’t be happier. It quickly charges my Odyssey battery after my running large ham radio equipment and an ARB freezer fridge at camp.
If you use a winch often and have lots of high power lights, then you may want to consider the 270 Amp version.

All of the High output alternators that are currently available are listed on the Rugged Rocks Website, Here:


If you have any questions regarding these alternators or any other products that are offered on the Rugged Rocks website, feel free to respond to this e-mail or give us a call at 909-547-4651.

-Steven Lutz
Rugged Rocks LLC