Nissan Titan Front (M205) ARB Air Locker – Update 6/4/2013

The Nissan Titan front (M205) ARB Air Locker project is on it’s way! Huge thanks to everyone that has put in their deposit to make this happen. Expected delivery is the end of November 2013. ARB will be making a run of 50 lockers and over 30 are spoken for, If you want to ensure that you get one of these lockers and you haven’t put your deposit in yet, you may do so as long as the following link is still active: Nissan Titan Front (M205) ARB Air Locker

In the mean time I’ll be working on some other new products, so keep your eyes peeled on the Blog, on facebook and in e-mail updates that you can sign up for at:

-Steven Lutz

H233B Differential Carrier Bearing Preload Tool Now Available!

Have you been tightening the carrier bearing preload on H233B Differentials with a screwdriver and hammer? or have you been wanting to get your feet wet in doing your own gear work on a H233B differential? This tool is used to adjust carrier bearing adjusters on Nissan H233B differentials! Use one side to adjust the OEM H233B carrier preload adjusters or flip the tool over to adjust H233B ARB air locker adjusters. Accepts a 1/2″ Drive torque wrench or equivalent.

To get your Carrier Bearing Preload Tool you can order online at: H233B Carrier Bearing Preload Tool or call (909) 547-4651

What’s an H233B? and do I have one in my truck?

Get your Nissan H233B Differential Locked & Geared!

If you want the H233B differential in your 86 – 2004 Nissan to get re-geared and/or locked, send it in! We’ll send it back rebuilt with the gears and locker of your choice.
Gears are available for the H233B in the following ratios: 3.9, 4.11, 4.375, 4.635, 4.875, 5.143, 5.571, 5.857

The Following lockers are available: Lockright, Spartan, Detroit, ARB Air Locker, TJM Air Locker.

To have your H233B differential rebuilt, Order online at: Rebuilt H233B Differential or call (909) 547-4651

What’s an H233B? and do I have one in my truck?