Ham Radio on the Trail

A very common problem on the trail is a malfunctioning or inadequate CB radio. Often times if you have a group of 5 or 6 rigs on a run with you, the last guy can’t hear the first guy, or there are multiple garbled signals on the channel, there are signals that keep popping up from people outside your group and you mistake them for the garbled guy driving right in front of you. Continue reading “Ham Radio on the Trail”

Why do I need Ham Radio in my 4×4?

Everyone already uses a C.B. so why do I need Amateur Radio?

Range and versatility are the biggest advantages. A C.B. radio is normally limited to local line of site contacts, which means that hills buildings, and even the curvature of the earth can all be limiting factors to the range of your transmissions. Amateur Radio operators or “Hams” have the added advantage of using repeaters to increase the range of reliable contacts. Continue reading “Why do I need Ham Radio in my 4×4?”

Nissan Pathfinder Atlas Transfer Case Install – Time to Crawl

Rock crawling is no longer just for Jeep owners. Advance Adapters now offers a specially designed transfer case for the Nissan off road enthusiast who is ready to take his truck to the next level. Swapping out your stock Nissan transfer case with the new Advance Adapters Atlas transfer case will give your truck the ability to reach deep down into those lower gears and rock crawl with the best of them out on the trails. The install into a solid axle swapped Nissan Pathfinder or Hardbody is no big deal with this new Atlas adapter. Here are the step by step instructions on how to get it done.

Order your Nissan Atlas Adapter Here.

Continue reading “Nissan Pathfinder Atlas Transfer Case Install – Time to Crawl”