Go Romping In Snow This Winter

 With the snow we’ve been getting in the mountains lately, a lot of four-wheelers are itching to fire up their vehicles and go plowing through the white stuff. Whether over Cajon Pass, through Big Bear area, or just to Grandma’s house, driving off road in snow is a lot of fun. Winter driving offers its own set of challenges; the following tips will help ensure your trip is a pleasant one.

As with all four-wheeling, remember the buddy system. That is, always go out with at least one other vehicle. It’s fairly easy to get stuck in snow, and Continue reading “Go Romping In Snow This Winter”

Nissan Pathfinder Long Arm Rear Suspension pt.2

Another visit was payed to Toyota Masters today to get a quick update on the new rear suspension setup. The axle truss has tabs on it waiting for the links to be bolted into place and the new crossmember is going in. While looking at the new crossmember and ignoring my pink transfercase setup, you will notice that the old crossmember was completely removed so it doesn’t interfere Continue reading “Nissan Pathfinder Long Arm Rear Suspension pt.2”

Lock’n It Up – Update on 2nd Gen Nissan Lockers

Now that the M226 (D44 Variant) diff found in the Titan, and 2nd Generation Xterras and Frontiers (manual trans and O/R ver. only) has a locker option from ARB, we are on to new projects and lockers for more Nissan differentials. Next up for the Nissan croud is the C200K rear-end (Xterra and Frontier non-OR w/ Autotrans) & the Titan Front (M205) and yours truely is staying ontop of whats going on at ARB. Continue reading “Lock’n It Up – Update on 2nd Gen Nissan Lockers”