4-Link Long Arm Rear Suspension for Nissan Pathfinder

The Rugged Rocks 4-link rear suspension system welds on to Solid Axle Swapped 1988 – 1995 Pathfinders allows you to stretch the wheel base to fit larger than 35″ tires and up to 37″ tires with fender trimming. This suspension system keeps rear steer to an absolute minimum at full flex and can use up to a 14″ travel shocks on the factory shock mounts. The frame side brackets have multiple settings for the mounting height of the upper links to adjust the desired anti-squat depending on ride height and tire size.
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Atlas 4SP & 2SP Transfer cases & Nissan Adapters

With the new Atlas 4SP Transfer cases slated to start shipping in late April, There is no doubt that there will be a gearing option to fit your needs in your Pre-’05 V6 Nissan 4×4 to replace the factory tx-10 transfer case with the appropriate adapter. This redesigned Atlas 4SP has an additional 2 gearing options over the previous version offering 5.44:1, 8.16:1, 10.34:1, 11.7:1 Ratios.
The original Atlas 2SP Is also still available and can be fitted to most V6 & V8 4×4 Nissan trucks and SUV’s from 1986 – Present. The atlas 2SP has the following gearing options: 2:1, 3:1, 4.3:1, 5:1. Both the Atlas 4SP Transfer case and the 2SP are twin stick transfer cases enabling independent engagement of the front and rear outputs and enabling the user you perform a ‘front dig’. For more information on fitting an atlas transfer case to your Nissan 4×4, click: Nissan 4×4 Atlas Transfer Case or call us at 909-547-4651.
Currently there aren’t any Atlas adapters available to fit 4cyl. Nissan 4×4’s but it is something that we’re looking at doing in the very near future. If this is something that you’re interested in, please contact us.