Nissan 33-spline Lock-Right Locker – Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder ’98 – ’04

Lock-Right has offered a locker for Nissans for years, however it only fits the rear (H233B) axles of the 86.5 – 95 Pathfinders and ‘86.5 – ’97 Hardbody Pickups. In 1998 Nissan upgraded the axle shafts in these trucks and went from a 31-spline axle shaft to a larger 33-spline axle shaft while keeping the rest of the H233B differential unchanged.

I recently contacted Richmond Gear, the maker of Lock-Right, and spoke to them about the possibility of making the necessary changes for the Lock-Right to fit into the ’98 – ’04 H233B axles and fortunately, it was a project that was started a long time ago but never finished. As of right now, Richmond is digging up old files and reviving this old project and is realizing how simple it is for them to make a Lock-Right to fit the newer ’98 – ’04 Nissan trucks. Before long, 1st generation Xterras and Frontiers as well as 2nd Generation Pathfinders will be able to enjoy the benefits of a Lock-Right locker.

If you have a V6 86.5 – ’97 Nissan Hardbody Pickup or a V6 ‘86.5 – ’95 Pathfinder, your Lock-Right locker can be purchased here: Nissan 31-spline H233B Lock Right Locker

24 Replies to “Nissan 33-spline Lock-Right Locker – Xterra, Frontier, Pathfinder ’98 – ’04”

  1. Yes, put me on the list as well. I’ve been wanting to put a simple Lock-Right in my truck for years, but never had the option (unless I swapped out the rear-end, ran wheel spacers.. too much hastle). This would be great!

  2. if the lock-right is made I will buy it. also the 5.38 gears. and maybe the 33 splined shafts. that would be nice

  3. I know this is for the 33 spline but there are two different carriers for the 33 spline i believe one has 2 spiders gears and the other has 4, will it work for either one?

  4. I should have the prototypes here in 2 weeks or so, the production run is about 6 – 8 weeks out.
    It’s happening and it’s beyond the design stages. It’s almost testing time.

  5. Any moer updates on this? Do you have the prototypes yet? Any word on a retail release date?

  6. Not yet, but it shouldn’t be long. The owner of Richmond, who i had been working with on this, is out till late july. but the project was handed off to someone else and is still rolling.

  7. ok i know you keep getting asked but… WHATS THE UPDATE? lol thanx! oh and will this work if u have the 04 se with the lim slip diff?

  8. I’m pushing to have at least prototypes before gone. It doesn’t look like the production units will be ready in time. but the project is still rolling.

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