$290 12v fridge freezer – Behind the Scenes

The backstory starts with a flashback. Many of you recieving this e-mail have been customers of mine for many years, possibly even since the beginning in 2006. Not long after that we had a large-ish gathering of Nissans on the Johnson Valley dry lakebed in October 2008. As I write this, many memories are rushing back. Memories of various simple things from the pumpkin that never got carved, and the mistaken weather report that left us shivering in the morning. To the seemingly endless Rattlesnake cyn / Gold Mtn / John Bull run which turned in a full 24-hour ordeal, but not without many lifelong memories to go with it.  Among the chaos of the seemingly endless weekend, was my friend Tim who showed up in an FJ Cruiser that some of you may remember. He successfully lead the trail run that intelligently skipped John Bull and made it back to camp in time for dnner, a large campfire and made many new friends.

Tim is a co-founder of Phalcon Overland which started about 4 years ago. In that time, Phalcon has proven reliability of their products in multiple ways which include having their products built with name brand components such as LG. They are also personally using their own products for their own extended overland adventures. Right now they are moving out a product that seems to be in a very competitive space, their 45L Fridge Freezer, but will be focusing more on unqiue fridge solutions such as the 30L Drawer Fridge Freezer which is attractive for space saving overlanding builds.

For further information or to order now visit Rugged Rocks but for the best deal you can order directly from Phalcon Overland