Nissan Hardbody, Pathfinder, Xterra & Frontier H233B Ring and Pinion Gears

Nissan Pathfinder 88 – ’04, Hardbody 86 – ’97, Xterra ’00 – ’04, frontier ’98 – ’04  Rear H233B Differential Ring and Pinion Gears in a 5.38 ratio and will retail for about $300

If you are interested in this concept Product, Please let us know via the comment box below. Please include the Year and Model of your Vehicle.

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  1. Some what interested in these but also interested in other gear ratio’s. Is there a posibility in the future to get a set of 5.38’s? I’m running a high pinion 44 up front right now and thats the deepest i can go.

  2. The thing that will make gears for Nissans sell is the price point…right now the only option is $500 per axle to re-gear. Make cheaper gears available and more people will be willing to buy them, I think.

    How about 4.9’s or 5.13’s? It’d be quite a jump to go from 4.3 to 5.3 if that’s the only option.

  3. We’re not looking at doing 4.9’s or 5.13’s because they are already available.
    the 4.9’s can be found in Xterras and from NISMO

  4. but the problem is that those are nearly 500 bills for the nismo

    and finding an xterra with a set of 4.9s is like gold, the people that have em know what there worth and your lucky to see one go for less then 400 used

    hmmm guess ill go with my D44 rear after all

  5. You would sell the hell out of the 4.9 sets if you would make them.. We cant find them to save our lives. Everyone need these for bigger tires. Its great that your making the 5.13’s but the 4.9 would be great!

  6. For 300 dollars i’ll by a set as soon as you get them ready! When are we going to do pre-orders, what kind of time line are we looking at befor they would be available. I’m getting ready to regear the front but if these come available i will wait.

  7. I’ve heard about the 5.88s but not the 5.38s, I’d probably be more interested in those than anything else.


  8. steevo what kind of group buy do you need to get the 5.38’s ? cause this will change my entire game plan for the rear axle if I can get the 5.38’s

  9. I will plunk down an order TODAY if we can make these happen. I rather keep my H233B than put a 9″ under my Pathfinder.

  10. I’m buying parts for my ’93 HB’s SAS and would be interested in a set of 5.38’s for $300. It’ll help out the poor four banger a fair bit. My swap is at least 6-12 months out, so I’m not in a big hurry, but would buy them whenever available.

  11. I’m very interested. How soon would it be before they could be made? I’m starting an SAS soon and would like to have these for my truck. Would they be considered thick or thin cut gears since I already have an ARB for thin cut gears?

  12. I am planing on buying parts next year for my SAS and would defiantly be interested in 5.38 gears. It would give auto guys a stock gear ratio with 35s.

  13. Right now we are still looking at how much demand there is, so please spread the word and encourage others to leave comments here in the blog.
    This technically can be done in as little as a few months, and i’d like to pull the trigger on this as soon as were done getting the Titan Xterra and Frontier gears done which were already working on but we need to get as much feedback on these as possible.

  14. steeevo here are more people interested than have posted about this , i think maybe we should start a list and get everyone who is willing to buy a sets name on there and see what the actual turn out is on this

    also if there is a certain number of people we need to get in on a group buy let us know

  15. Steevo…

    Put me down for a set of 5.38s. 1999 SAS’ed Frontier, running 35s. H233B rear. Just let me know ahead of time so I can make the funds available.

  16. I would certainly be interested for my future SAS. I really havent pulled the trigger on doing it yet because it didnt look like there was going to be any option but to change my rear axle. I have a 2000 Frontier SE V6 CC.

  17. Still interested. I heard you need a pre order of 20. I would be able to throw down some money but need to know what kind of time frame to expect. Also is this going to be a one run thing or is superior going to back this for a long time? i would hate to have a problem later on and not be able to get a replacement set. What kind of warranty if any will be offered with these gear sets?

  18. So will they not make them at all for less than 100 units, or if the count drops to something like 50 the price just goes up? $300 seems cheap for H233B gears of any ratio. If it’s a question of paying $350-400 or no 5.38’s, I’d be willing to pony up. I’m going to pay that anyway for 5.13’s if these aren’t available.

  19. The main thing for me is keeping the price reasonable. I don’t really want to spend 400 plus dollars on gears and then needing axle shafts if you come out with them when i could build a 60 for the same amount of money and get parts much easier, but if the price is reasonable i would like to keep my nissan rear.

  20. i would love a some 5.38’s for my h233b.
    You could count me in as long as long as the price stays around $300.

    Let me know if i need to start saving!

  21. i’m interested in these for my ’88 Pathfinder.

    i have an auto tranny, and 5.38s are about the right gear ratio i’d need for 35s.

    i’ll eventually SAS the front, and i’ll want to do so on the cheap. so that means i can’t afford to completely redo the rear end. so i’ll keep the stock rear axle and just throw some stronger coils and longer shocks in the rear and be done w/ it. all i’d need is the gears.

  22. i swear i posted a comment here about a week ago, but i don’t see it anymore.

    anyway, i’m interested in a set of 5.38s for my ’88 Pathfinder.
    i’ll need 5.38s for 35″ tires since i have an auto tranny.

  23. Xterra ‘01, 33 spline, Rear H233B …looking at options, interested in the 5.14, maybe even fancy the idea of your 5.3. interested about info concerning ordering, turn around time, complete set for install included? etc…rear air lockers in 2/3 weeks, trying to tie things together by then

  24. What’s the deal with these?
    Is it going to happen at all?
    This will decide how I build my front axle for my SAS.

    I’m definitely interested if they are in the $300 price range or less.

  25. We’re working on it.
    We’re sending out sample gear sets to a gear manufacture to get final quotes and qty requirements.
    We should have more news very soon.

  26. Any news?

    I am ready for these. I have an axle almost under the truck, and I only have some 4.6 gears for the D44. I’ve even thought about putting a 9in in the rear for better gearing, but these would be perfect.

    I really hope these make it to the market.

  27. I would buy them for my solid axle frontier it would be great if someone else made gears for it especially affordable

  28. At $300 a gear im very intrested, however I agree that you should also look into making these gears for the front end.

  29. There would be a ton of people interested in this option. I would love to be able to get these if they are reasonably priced to go with my SAS that is coming soon.

  30. 01 xterra, already have a d44 for the front and really want the 5.38. is there any progress? we’re about to build the 44 and still deciding on gears

  31. i am interested in gears for my 4cyl nissan hb but am only looking to push 33s right now
    i would be interested in the gears for 300 dollars.

  32. Has everyone given up on this? I have seen some other forums that say the start up was too extreme to justify.

  33. Will,
    We’ve not given up. Simply taking care of some other projects before moving forward on this one.
    However the ratio will not be a 5.38, it will most likely be a 5.42.

  34. hi,sir : how much money and shipping to puerto rico 00956 , nissan pathfinder rear ring & pinion 4.88 ratio .

  35. Am interested in buying 5.38 gears for my 1998 Frontier for the front and rear stock differentials.

    Can you provide?

  36. am interested in buying 5.88 or 4.88 gear for my pathfinder 1992 for the rear stock differential .

  37. I got my ring and pinion on my kitchen table right now busted. Out of my 98 Nissan frontier 2wd 2dr king cab. Automatic. I really don’t wanna buy a new one.

  38. Am interested in 5.38 for my Frontier 1998 4Cyl. 4WD Manual Transmission.
    Would I need to any changes? When can I buy them?

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