Nissan Xterra & Frontier ’05+ Front R180 Differential Ring and Pinion Gears

Nissan Xterra & Frontier ’05+ Front R180 Differential Ring and Pinion Gears in ratios deeper (numerically higher) than stock to accommodate for oversize tires.

If you are interested in this concept Product, Please let us know via the comment box below.

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  1. i would definitly be intersted in some gearing options for my 08 frontier i just went up to 33’s and im not into a titan swap anytime soon

  2. I’d love to be able to get 4.10 or lower gears for the R180. I’m not against going the M205 swap route either, but this would be a quicker gear swap into my existing front diff, w/o the added cost of upgrading to the Titan diff. I think this product would be a real winner to add to your product line.

  3. Definitely interested … waiting (with baited breath) to see what comes of these announcements.

  4. this is fantastic if this goes through. i know many many people that would love to purchase gear sets.
    waiting to see how this turns out:)

  5. I have a 2007 Nismo 4×4, and right now I am running 35’s. New gears would be awesome. Please make gears. I have been waiting for years for some gears to come out. DONT TEASE!!! Thanx Guys,


  6. YES YES YES, please get us some different gears. Anything to make these things stronger so I dont have to do a titan swap

  7. I believe its waste of time, gears are not going to make this joke of a front diff any stronger, its the spider gears that are breaking. I broke mine within 6 weeks of owning my truck. First night out with new tires on and they were stock size. and I cannot currently go with the titan diff because of my gearing(6spd), so get these damn titan gears out so i can finish my swap. other wise I’ll be forced to make some toyota parts fit lol. or release a real carrier for the r180, but then whats the next weak link the case!

  8. I would be interested now that the M226 gears are available. Running 35s and could use the extra gearing.

  9. Please come out with some options for us. I went to a 285/75/16 GoodYear MTR tire. Now getting 11.5 city and 15.5 highway babying it at 65mph. The truck Looks great but needs gears bad!!!!!

  10. Any word or updates on this? There are a lot of us Fronty owners out there that would like to re-gear our rigs without swapping to M205 front diffs.

  11. Unfortunately this project has been put on hold due to the number of people opting in for the larger & stronger M205 front differential.

  12. I think this project needs to happen. With the introduction of the r180 ARB locker I would much rather stay with the r180 than do a titan swap with a m205. Plus ARB isn’t sure when they will make a locker for the M205. So to me it makes a lot of sense to make gears for the stock diff!!

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