Crossroads – 3.0 / 3.3 v6 Atlas Adapters

I always start off with making a list. Gauge interest, get contact info, etc…
I’ve done it this way for years.. a list of products successfully released and in the hands of my customers first. There is always some expected dropoff as people needs change etc.  However, this time was a bit different.  We’re comming up on 2 years since reintroducing the Nissan Atlas Adapters. The 2nd gen Xterra / Frontier 4.0 v6 adapters are all gone (unless a lot of demand pops up), while the first gen parts never moved. At all.  This adapter is the version that fits the 1988 – 2004 v6 Pathfinders, Hardbody Pickups, Xterra and Frontier.

The really interesting part is, the one part that I need to complete these kits, needs to be made in small batches, So if you’re wanting one of these adapters, please reach out so we can start to figure out how to get these kits completed and shipped.×4-p-57889.html?search=atlas%20adapter

Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you,



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